Beauty Inspires

What does it mean,
"beauty inspires"?

At Sage Interiors, it is our raison d'etre, our modus operandi, the heart and soul of our business. It is our process: to discover your passion, your vision; to dig deep and unearth the things that you find beautiful and that fill you with joy...


Once brought to light, we build on your dreams of beauty and surround you with the things you love in the spaces you inhabit. We take our design cues from the colors, shapes, and spaces found in nature and the environment. We draw on deep reservoirs of design, materials, and product knowledge, choosing wisely and carefully assembling all the elements that will grace your interiors.

Where beauty inspires, you get lush, livable spaces that infuse a sense of living well. Let Sage Interiors bring out your inner beauty today.

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Atlantic Aviation

Rich textures and nature inspired design welcomes guests to the Reno Atlantic Aviation Facility. Artfully Inspired hand crafted furniture, hand hammered and forged metal set the stage for a custom hospitality design taking cues on color and pattern from the High Sierra gem, Lake Tahoe.

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