Salt Lake City – timeless commercial interior design

There is nothing more exciting than to start with a new set of designs and drawings and then to see them come to life!  We selected rich textures in warm colors for this amazing open space lobby where the view is framed with generous windows.  Magnificent view of the airplane ramp and western mountains is just one great features of the architecture and interior design here in Salt Lake City, Utah.

SLC blog

Lovely light fixtures of hand blown glass and forged metal are made less than a mile away from the job site in Salt Lake City.  Stone fireplaces that mirror each other make a warm and inviting space to welcome guests to the Wasatch mountains and city.  Rich textures and handsome textiles are selected with the highest of durability and style.

The site looks great and we are counting down to installing fine furniture and opening the doors for business.  Timeless design in Salt Lake City – coming soon!

SLC blog 2





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Charming Charleston FBO Interior Design Remodel

Who doesn’t love Charleston? Paying respects to the traditional aspects of the city we gave the Atlantic Aviation FBO a facelift and much needed new furnishings. Feature product for accent walls was made of slivered stainless steel, and three colors of limestone creating a water wave like pattern relating the Atlantic Ocean where the sun rises daily. Light dances on the stainless steel accents giving the place some sparkle. Reception desks are clad with textured stone and handsome solid granite tops.  Unveiling our new design:


The “BEFORE” photo

chs before


For the modern traveler, we created a “Tech Center” where each seat at this handsome counter has outlets for any charging needed.
chs lobby wave

For those airplane sales meetings, we chose airplane window artwork . .. why not?!
chs conf

All custom upholstery by Sage Select Furniture Company includes a curved sofa and sleek metal legs make the lobby an inviting place to sit – all with highly durable finishes.
chs lobby2

chs lobby 5

I personally designed these hand-built tables feature a metal accent in alder wood: one-of-a-kind tables just for Charleston – it is all about charm!

CHS metal table

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Designing For Dollars

In business, you never get a second chance to make a first impression – that is why the interior design, look and feel of the reception area, conference rooms, and public spaces of your office or retail setting are so important.

Does the design functionally meet your needs and does the design concept relate to the demographic you serve in your business mission and vision? And more importantly, does the client feel welcome in a meaningful way?

There are many nice commercial designs that look and function well, but seem very impersonal and is likely a cookie-cutter design or a tired style and color scheme.  Design creates dollars when research is done about how to meet your target client at the door with a handshake and their favorite drink. That is how good design feels!

Does your business call for fresh, innovative concepts with lively color scheme in The Biggest Little City?

What about a timeless and transitional design with lively elements of a botanical motif near the Sierras?

copy marileewintzphotos copy

Or does your business have the opportunity to create a regional style with tangible elements of sense of place around the country with a foundational brand that exceeds expectations? Examples from Los Angeles, Reno, and Burbank, California:





At Sage Interiors we start with client interviews, demographic research, creativity, technical knowledge of products that create dynamic design concepts, and design leadership that are all concrete steps to creating a design with a high return on investment. Wishing you beauty and success in business!


Here are some ideas on how to get the best return on your investment with commercial interior design.

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Nature Inspired Design at the Aspen Lodge in Reno, Nevada

Sage Interiors was recently retained to refresh the look at local Aspen Lodge. Surrounded by a sea of sagebrush and a stellar view of the Sierra’s ridge line, we set the stage with appropriate photography from Marilee’s Beauty Inspires art business.

Crisp and fresh images of early mornings in the Sierra’s, depicting the grand color scheme and range of seasonal display Aspen tree’s grace us with year after year.


Marilee was really the perfect choice as their designer since she grew up among Aspen trees and has a healthy respect and appreciation of nature and how to incorporate into meaningful design.. Rich, warm colors and lively, playful textiles accentuate the natural surroundings with leaf and flower motif for the furnishings. The perfect place to meet a friend for coffee or sit in the sunshine and read a book. Welcome to the revived and inspiring design at Aspen Lodge. . . installation photos coming soon!

AL 1

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Interior Design for the Media Capital – Burbank, California

Sunshine, palm trees and our well loved client have welcomed Sage Interiors from Reno, Nevada to Burbank, California where we are creating an Interior Design for a local aviation company. To make a rich and welcoming regional design we focused on the fact that Burbank is the “Media Captial”. Our rich and colorful art plays the part well – I think you will agree. Swirl, color, action, lights, life and action!

Media Swirl

Media Wall

The overal design concept combines comfort, and inviting furniture styles with jewel tones and lively images.

Jpeg Burbank

We had lots fo fun with a pop art theme that we custom created with the clients logo and a roll of film. . . yes color, media, and Atlantic Aviation.





And finally, paying homage to the aviation industry and the glorious California Coast. The west is the best!!

Burbank aviaiton art2

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Going for Gold in Las Vegas

Glitz, glamor, luxury and living large are all themes captured in our design of the Atlantic Aviation in Las Vegas, Nevada. Warm gold tones and luxurious olive burl tables in the shape of a cloverleaf greet clients with style to the City of Lights.  See our blog post on the intial planning stages titled “Commercial Design in the West.”  Professional photos will soon be live on the website but here is a sneak-peek at some of the design elements of our commercial interior design.


LV gold texture

Zebrawood on the entertainment center was mirrored in our signature cocktail table and accent tables. We love zebrawood for the fact it creates a Wow factor! Our warm wood choices of zebrawood, chocolate stained alder and olive burl give a rich sense of materials in our design. Texture and pattern on flooring and textiles are not only beautiful but very durable for this high traffic location.

LV zebra wood accents

Sculptural accents and an inlaid shell box are the perfect accessories to emphasize luxury and add an element of surprise.

LV close up

LV details2

One of our biggest accomplishments on the project was a signature designed “charging station.” We all search for outlets when traveling to have juice to our beloved iPhones, laptops and phones! The outlets are built into the apron of the table. They are discreet but ultra-functional. This charging station was put in place and in less than 5 minutes all outlets were full. Success!

LV charging station

Most of all, we are proud of the fact that the pilots love the furniture because it is so comfortable. Our mantra at Sage Interiors is good design equals good business.

LV collage

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