Charming Charleston FBO Interior Design Remodel

Who doesn’t love Charleston? Paying respects to the traditional aspects of the city we gave the Atlantic Aviation FBO a facelift and much needed new furnishings. Feature product for accent walls was made of slivered stainless steel, and three colors of limestone creating a water wave like pattern relating the Atlantic Ocean where the sun rises daily. Light dances on the stainless steel accents giving the place some sparkle. Reception desks are clad with textured stone and handsome solid granite tops. ¬†Unveiling our new design:


The “BEFORE” photo

chs before


For the modern traveler, we created a “Tech Center” where each seat at this handsome counter has outlets for any charging needed.
chs lobby wave

For those airplane sales meetings, we chose airplane window artwork . .. why not?!
chs conf

All custom upholstery by Sage Select Furniture Company includes a curved sofa and sleek metal legs make the lobby an inviting place to sit Рall with highly durable finishes.
chs lobby2

chs lobby 5

I personally designed these hand-built tables feature a metal accent in alder wood: one-of-a-kind tables just for Charleston – it is all about charm!

CHS metal table

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