Designing Beautiful Bodies – 5 Ways to Move While Working At Your Desk

It is no secret Americans are sitting too long at desks and exercising too little so I wanted to offer some great suggestions to a sedentary work day.  Truth is, by doing some movement at your desk your performance will likely improve as well… Exercise not only improves caridovascular and lung function but boosts mood with endorphins but allows better mental acuity with a clear focused mind.
I have to admit I don’t think I’m coordinated enough to walk, talk and work on a treadmill!  I did suggest this at the end of the blog but have found numerous other great products you may not be aware of – I have shown 5 great ways to move while working. A great mix of Interior Design and Wellness.
1. This is a really simple and effective product that allows you to sit and pedal your feet while staying focused at your desk:
foot pedal
2. Bike Desks and Tables come in many different configurations but here is a meeting I would want to attend:
bike table
3. Here is a stool that allows a range of motion while being busy at work.
motion stool
4. I LOVE this product!  Practice balance while moving and working.  Excellent for ankle mobility, overall leg strength:
motion board
5. Finally, the product that is an awesome idea for folks who can multitask with body movement – there are SO  many models to choose from:
treadmill desk
While this blog post is intended to be primarily informational and share links to great products, if you need a standing desk or the furniture for your office, I have a wide range of great products that pair well with moving workspaces.
Work Smart and Build your beautiful, body and mind.
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