Designing For Dollars

In business, you never get a second chance to make a first impression – that is why the interior design, look and feel of the reception area, conference rooms, and public spaces of your office or retail setting are so important.

Does the design functionally meet your needs and does the design concept relate to the demographic you serve in your business mission and vision? And more importantly, does the client feel welcome in a meaningful way?

There are many nice commercial designs that look and function well, but seem very impersonal and is likely a cookie-cutter design or a tired style and color scheme.  Design creates dollars when research is done about how to meet your target client at the door with a handshake and their favorite drink. That is how good design feels!

Does your business call for fresh, innovative concepts with lively color scheme in The Biggest Little City?

What about a timeless and transitional design with lively elements of a botanical motif near the Sierras?

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Or does your business have the opportunity to create a regional style with tangible elements of sense of place around the country with a foundational brand that exceeds expectations? Examples from Los Angeles, Reno, and Burbank, California:





At Sage Interiors we start with client interviews, demographic research, creativity, technical knowledge of products that create dynamic design concepts, and design leadership that are all concrete steps to creating a design with a high return on investment. Wishing you beauty and success in business!


Here are some ideas on how to get the best return on your investment with commercial interior design.

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