Nature Inspired Design at the Aspen Lodge in Reno, Nevada

Sage Interiors was recently retained to refresh the look at local Aspen Lodge. Surrounded by a sea of sagebrush and a stellar view of the Sierra’s ridge line, we set the stage with appropriate photography from Marilee’s Beauty Inspires art business.

Crisp and fresh images of early mornings in the Sierra’s, depicting the grand color scheme and range of seasonal display Aspen tree’s grace us with year after year.


Marilee was really the perfect choice as their designer since she grew up among Aspen trees and has a healthy respect and appreciation of nature and how to incorporate into meaningful design.. Rich, warm colors and lively, playful textiles accentuate the natural surroundings with leaf and flower motif for the furnishings. The perfect place to meet a friend for coffee or sit in the sunshine and read a book. Welcome to the revived and inspiring design at Aspen Lodge. . . installation photos coming soon!

AL 1

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