Tuscany would be envious of this Italian Country Design in Reno, Nevada

Tumbled stone, custom blown glass, and artisan ceramic tile are the defining features of our design in a Reno home. Authentic Tuscany style, in my opinion, is very rich earthy materials installed in a very simple design. Simple but elegant, just like an authentic dish of fresh pasta and sauce of only the freshest ingredients in Sienna, Italy. This design concept seeks to portray a way of life.

How do you create an “old world feel”? This was the look my client requested at the first meeting. We covered the dining room walls with tumbled herringbone stone and framed the doorways with brick and plastered with walls with warm saffron and terra cotta colors. “It feels like a castle” my delighted client tells me!

Bing 1

Illumination provided by sconces and pendant lights fashioned of honey onyx stone were chosen to bestow the warm glow that highlights all the natural veins in the stone-clad wall. Tumbled marble + forged iron + honey onyx lighting = old world charm!

Bing 3

Bing light

Custom fixtures are hand blown glass from Sonoma, California that were used in the kitchen bar and dining lighting with warm golden tones, strips of gold and cream tones trimmed with just the perfect color of red to relate to our artisan tile in the backsplash. Also note that the outlet in the backsplash was painted by local artist, Katie Packham – a great final detail!

Bing 7



In this design project, we selected the red glass from many samples of red tones provided by the glass blower to find just the perfect color to enhance our tile. Rich textures and patterns were reviewed for furnishings – all in keeping with the old world design concept. A close up photo of the tile here shows the amazing effects the glaze gives on these backsplash tiles, it almost looks crystalized. We are still talking window treatments and the final details to pull it all together.

Blog tuscany

Look for photos of this project on the Sage Interiors website later this year when all is completed.
Ciao Bella!



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Dynamic design for an engineer’s office in Reno, Nevada

Blog Jensen

For the interior design of Jensen Precast engineer’s office, we took cues from the product they know so well – concrete! Shades of grey in many different shapes and forms create a modern office to inspire creative engineering in design and products.
The hexagon, a lovely geometric shape is repeated in the carpet, the conference room fabric as well as the stainless steel accent tile – wait until you see how we are using it! Accents of vibrant lime green and the color of the company logo, turquoise, are used in just the right places. Carpet is carpet, but we jazzed it up with hexagon shapes in 5 varying shades which will be installed all at a quarter of a turn to emphasize our featured shape, the hexagon. Our installation will be more dynamic but here is the idea of linear patterns and rotating the carpet tiles.

blog quarter turn

Decorative glass panels between the conference room and open office are water drop shapes, which relate to the water they use to make their products. This glass comes from Italy so yes we used it like precious metals – sparingly, but in just the right places!

Jensen platinum-mirror-rain-sm

To give you a little background on the design process – here are two initial design concepts we came up with: Raw Stone Design and Hexagon Design.
Raw Stone Design: In this design, we suggested using lots of concrete and raw stone accents on floors and walls all with rich earth tones and modern glass and wood workstations. Images of the client’s products would be shown “in the earth”. From this design we did use the stone accents for flooring in our final design.

Jensen Raw Stone Design

Our second design was the inspiration that won the hearts of my clients. It was inspired by intricate designs with hexagon shapes on the floor and mirrored with ceiling tiles suspended over the open office. Here I suggested using images of actual models of the engineered products for artwork. As you can see we made some refinements to get to our final design but this is how the creative process all begins!

blog hex design

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Commercial Design in the West

From the rich natural textures of Palm Springs to the flashy lights of Las Vegas, Sage Interiors has created a warm welcome for clients arriving on their private jets in the Western U.S. We support the quote “West is Best”!

Marilee always offers choices of two amazing designs for clients.
“Natural Palm Springs” design focused on the green of the namesake Palm trees and the greenery of the golf clubs around the Palm Desert. Rich earth tone materials and paying homage to the mid century modern that is still hip in Palm Springs creates the first design concept.  Curvilinear copper elements and a traditional landscape image of the desert create a warm natural design.

Natural Palm Springs

“Oasis Design” was the winner of our design presentations with a very fresh palette of recycled bottle green glass, a material that is used on the reception desk and hearth. Woven coconut panels are juxtaposed with curvilinear shaped multicolored onyx tiles for the warm welcome to the reception desk. Textured stone and sculpted metal adorn the modern fireplace setting. Rich warm textiles are the perfect place to wait for a flight.

PS design board

Hip and modern mid century  furniture in fresh hues with metallic gold and bronze are light and refreshing with sparks of color create a rich design that speaks of the oasis feel we wish to extend to guests.

Revised Furniture Palm Springs Oasis Design copy

Accessories are nature inspired with wood and stone elements dressed up with our sparkly turquoise and lime green accents.

PS accessories2

Outdoor living was never so stylish and will make guests want to linger a little longer in the warm western sun!

PS accessories

In the lively city of Las Vegas, we have created a more urban design with metallic tones yet heavy textures that are inviting after a long flight. Traditions of comfort and elegance hold strong in this design as all projects with Sage Interiors that speak to the business mission of our clients. Bon Voyage and enjoy!

Las Vegas Furniture Presentation 6-23


Blog LV

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Winter market interior design surprises – are you ready Reno?

Now for the surprises of Winter Market at the San Francisco Design Center. . .

Three themes stood out for me:
1. Quirky – fun pieces that just make you smile. Who doesn’t want that?
2. Back to the earth – STONE, raw stone in many luscious forms
3. Translucent thickness – extremely thick table tops in seeded glass or acrylic – gorgeous!

So let’s start with my favorite. . .
I love that it made me laugh out loud and I can think of many places for something quirky like this to lighten the mood

B1 duck legs

Gerbera Daisy’s have always been a love of mine. This is seriously a Marilee table!


b1 m table


RAW gorgeous stone – honey onyx bowls, lighti fixtures, side tables, just raw stones sitting in bowls on tables. Getting back to the raw earth is a trend heavily represented at Winter Market. Pun intended.


B1 onxy bowl


B1 onyx light

Seriously thick acrylic or seeded glass on side and cocktail tables dance with light and give the sense of luxury. This particular table has subtle rings like a tree inside the acrylic.

b1 acrylic


Just look at the play of pattern from the reflected artwork in this glass – sumptuous!

photo 4 (1)

Reflecting on the themes of the show – deep appreciation of the earth’s precious stones and surround yourself with things that make you smile!

b1 wild

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Local hues and textures for the high desert Reno home

Marilee’s passion for nature and design converge once again. Peavine Peak here in Reno Nevada provides immense inspiration for designing with local natural flavor. Very rich in texture, tones and yes even surprising color! Feast your eyes on the riches of our local landscape and how you can capitalize on these elements in your Reno home.

D Goods captures the essence of the hip tones and composition of high desert elements for the home in coordination with Benjamin Moore color scheme.


blog red rock

blog rock2

TEXTURE – the desert’s best feature that can become a stunning asset in your desert design!

blog purple

accessories 2

blog light

blog sage


Two perfect styled tables for creating the feeling of natural beauty with a twist of polished metal by Made Goods. Like eating in the sticks but much more dignified.

made goods

made goods2

And last but not least VIBRANT color – fresh from the hills! By the way Peavine was named because early prospectors discovered pea vines growing on the mountain.

blog lime green

blog lime lichen

blog morman tea

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How do you infuse passion into your life?

The ” Beauty Inspires” brand is blooming, growing and taking shape. What is deeply meaningful and beautiful to you?
At Sage Interiors we create lush, livable spaces that infuse a sense of personal well being and hope to light the torch of passion in our clients to share their best with the world.
Now we are taking it a step further. . .
Beauty Inspires, a new budding branch of our business is a profusion of nature inspired beauty, colors, shapes and patterns in the form of art, photography and writing.
Please share in celebrating our new series of logos!





Beauty Inspires™
What does it mean,
“beauty inspires”?

At Sage Interiors, it is our raison d’etre, our modus operandi, the heart and soul of our business. It is our process: to discover your passion, your vision; to dig deep and unearth the things that you find beautiful and that fill you with joy…

Once brought to light, we build on your dreams of beauty and surround you with the things you love in the spaces you inhabit. We take our design cues from the colors, shapes, and spaces found in nature and the environment. We draw on deep reservoirs of design, materials, and product knowledge, choosing wisely and carefully assembling all the elements that will grace your interiors.

Where beauty inspires, you get lush, livable spaces that infuse a sense of living well. Let Sage Interiors bring out your inner beauty today.

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