Tuscany would be envious of this Italian Country Design in Reno, Nevada

Tumbled stone, custom blown glass, and artisan ceramic tile are the defining features of our design in a Reno home. Authentic Tuscany style, in my opinion, is very rich earthy materials installed in a very simple design. Simple but elegant, just like an authentic dish of fresh pasta and sauce of only the freshest ingredients in Sienna, Italy. This design concept seeks to portray a way of life.

How do you create an “old world feel”? This was the look my client requested at the first meeting. We covered the dining room walls with tumbled herringbone stone and framed the doorways with brick and plastered with walls with warm saffron and terra cotta colors. “It feels like a castle” my delighted client tells me!

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Illumination provided by sconces and pendant lights fashioned of honey onyx stone were chosen to bestow the warm glow that highlights all the natural veins in the stone-clad wall. Tumbled marble + forged iron + honey onyx lighting = old world charm!

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Custom fixtures are hand blown glass from Sonoma, California that were used in the kitchen bar and dining lighting with warm golden tones, strips of gold and cream tones trimmed with just the perfect color of red to relate to our artisan tile in the backsplash. Also note that the outlet in the backsplash was painted by local artist, Katie Packham – a great final detail!

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In this design project, we selected the red glass from many samples of red tones provided by the glass blower to find just the perfect color to enhance our tile. Rich textures and patterns were reviewed for furnishings – all in keeping with the old world design concept. A close up photo of the tile here shows the amazing effects the glaze gives on these backsplash tiles, it almost looks crystalized. We are still talking window treatments and the final details to pull it all together.

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Look for photos of this project on the Sage Interiors website later this year when all is completed.
Ciao Bella!



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